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1673 S Acoma St
Denver, Denver County 80223

Why is Flipside the place to learn an instrument for you?

1. You Will Love Your Teacher: Here at Flipside we hire only qualified teachers who have a passion for music just as much as they do for life and therefore developing quality connection with them is essentially a guarantee.  

2. Free Trial Lesson: Even if you don't believe me on number 1, you've got nothing to lose! Every new student's entitled to a free trial lesson with no commitment necessary. Kind of a no brainer if you ask me, but what do I know? ;) 

3. Custom Curriculum: There are certain things that every student needs to know, but once we've checked off those boxes (or while we're checking them off), we want to teach you what made you excited about learning your instrument in the first place. 

4. Flexibility: Flipside offers some of the most accommodating options for learning learning an instrument that Denver has to offer. To learn more about our scheduling, pricing and policies, feel free to request more information!

5. Rewards Program: Not only are our prices competitive, but we give you ways to save even more through our rewards program! Learn more.

6. Constantly Growing: Up until recently, our operation has been fairly humble, but as we continue to grow, we're looking forward to expanding into offering recitals, group lessons, band coaching and more! We're also happy to announce our group jam series. There's something for everyone at an affordable price so check them out!